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Located in The Woodlands, Texas, the attorneys of Shriver & McLean, L.L.P., have more than 42 years of combined experience helping parents throughout The Woodlands-Houston metropolitan area enforce their custody and support orders.

Holding Parents In Montgomery County In Contempt Of Court

Parents have a duty to financially support their children. When parents refuse to pay court-ordered child support, there are enforcement procedures in place to ensure custodial parents obtain the financial resources they need to care for minor children.

Missed child support payments can make it hard for custodial parents to pay for the costs of raising their children. If your child’s other parent is not meeting his or her child support obligations, our lawyers can help.

Child custody and support arrangements, whether obtained through litigation or determined through alternative forms of dispute resolution, are legally enforceable court orders. Individuals who violate these orders can be found in contempt of court and be subjected to wage garnishment, fines and even jail time.

Child support obligations last until children reach age 18 or graduate from high school. However, missed child support payments do not go away once children have reached the age of majority. Parents can enforce the payment of child support arrears even after the legal duty to support a child has ended.

Helping Parents Enforce Custody And Visitation Orders

Children grow up in the blink of an eye and time missed with your child can never be regained. If your child’s other parent is refusing you access to your child — in violation of custody and visitation or conservatorship agreements — you do have rights.

At Shriver & McLean, L.L.P., our attorneys understand how important time is to establishing and nurturing bonds with your child. Together, we will enforce your custody and visitation agreement, obtain additional time to make up for time lost, and ensure future access to your child is not denied. Our attorneys often seek modifications to child custody and visitation schedules to provide more time to the parent being denied access to his or her children.

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If your child’s other parent is refusing to pay child support or denying you access to your child, you have rights. Contact The Woodlands child support and custody enforcement attorneys of Shriver & McLean, L.L.P., today at 281-645-0117.

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