Custody And Visitation FAQ

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Some of the most common child custody questions we receive include:

What Can I Expect From A Custody Battle?

In Texas, the court places a high priority on making sure both parents are allowed time with the child. One parent will have primary custody as the primary managing conservator.

It should be noted that the courts like to see parents making an effort to cooperate. The more you strive to compromise with your spouse and show that the two of you can work together to parent, the better.

Our lawyers will advocate on your behalf, committed to protecting your parental and custodial rights.

What Are My Visitation Rights?

Parents who have established their parental rights have certain visitation rights. As previously mentioned, the courts are seeking an arrangement where both parents can work together to parent the children. Whenever possible, the court grants as much time as possible to both parents (except for cases of abuse or neglect).

What Are My Fathers’ Rights?

In order to be granted parental rights, you must have established paternity as the child’s father. If you were married to the child’s mother at the time of birth, it is automatically assumed that you are the father, and you will be granted parental rights. If you were not, you may need to go through the legitimation process, including undergoing DNA testing.

After you have been established as the father, you have rights to visitation, or possibly custody. You will also be required to make child support payments.

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